Grounds Supervisor

  • Male/Female
  • 25-40 years old
  • A graduate of 4 years course or a CIVIL Engr. is a Plus.
  • He or She must have at least 6 mos. to 2 years of experience of grounds and garden maintenance.
  • Ability to handle people of varied backgrounds
  • Organized and results-oriented.
  • Honest and trustworthy in all dealings.
Scope of Work:
  • Responsible for the maintenance and landscaping of outdoor areas and facilities.
  • Coordinate and oversee the work of personnel who care for plants, repair walkways, remove litter and care of public toilets.
  • Coordinate landscaping efforts and related outdoor maintenance services, care of lawns, shrubs, and trees, in addition to the maintenance and repair of outdoor features, such as irrigation systems, fences, or benches.
  • Train staff and ensure performance quality and are responsible for administrative procedures.
  • Create operational and safety procedures, hire workers, and draft budgets.
  • Determine the equipment and services required for jobs and submit cost estimates.
  • Handle service or employee records, create work schedules, and prioritize services.
  • Coordinate with other department or specialists, and they might perform grounds maintenance duties if necessary.

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